Scuba Diving: Underwater Skills and Lessons


In Portion five of our series on Scuba Diving, learns a handful of of the most crucial expertise you’ll understand when you 1st commence to Scuba Dive w…

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25 Responses to “Scuba Diving: Underwater Skills and Lessons”

  1. James Lapenta says:

    Why the hell are they on their knees for any of this? And not once were
    they neutral and horizontal. Need to have that guy watch some 5thdx videos
    to learn now to demo skills.

  2. Tracey Ball says:

    great video thanks, thinking of getting certified!

  3. joebforty says:

    I want to learn this to but the damn gear is so expensive.

  4. napoleon one says:

    hot bird x

  5. Z. Kent says:

    Junior AOW, you have to be 15 or older to get the Full AOW, either way your
    out of recreational limits, and even using EAN25 you only looking at 7 min
    bottom time before you have to decompress, and the 3 min safety stop isn’t
    enough. Your telling someone else not to push it when your doing just that.
    If your going to tell someone else what to do, at least make sure you are
    giving useful information.

  6. KnownAsHannan says:

    I need to get this costume. You could go to the beach with this right?

  7. kingoftroy05 says:

    id go diving with her…just not scuba diving ;O

  8. horselover84728 says:

    @DaGamer500 Im 13 too and im realy sad cuz im on vacation and i want to so

  9. Benny Martinez says:

    This isn’t very informative. But does stay true to its world of “showing.”

  10. DSky Media says:

    I had to learn this when I went scuba diving in Playa del Carmen. First
    time too, no courses

  11. Shells1997 says:


  12. ramiro gaytan says:

    I wanna start gettin into this. Any advice on where to start ??

  13. coyoteridesfast says:

    just cant be like rushing or any of tht not checking your air etc…..

  14. SomeoneYouKnow551 says:

    @horselover84728 14 in most countries

  15. kristensjunk says:

    ben stiller , heavy weights?? anyone?

  16. Harrison says:

    Great video!

  17. Ramin609 says:

    can u tell me how the experience was i want to go diving with my dad and i
    wanna know how it is :)

  18. horselover84728 says:

    i realy want to learn but my dad wont let me!!!! how old do u think u
    should be to try?

  19. lv lisa says:

    thank you

  20. coyoteridesfast says:

    nothing like it wreck diving at 143 feet at 14 im already an advanced open
    water diver its great set goals for your self just remember dont push it
    and have fun be safe and you will do just fine i love it

  21. Z. Kent says:

    I am assuming you are not a diver, so your first time will be very
    different, and depending on your depth you will find it very complicated to
    keep buoyancy. But it will be a great father son activity and there are
    seemingly endless possibilities for diving. There is nothing better than
    sharing stories with friends about what you and your dad have seen. It
    creates a bond between you because, depending on where your diving, you two
    may have seen something no one else.

  22. Vivian Balino says:

    I did it already,it was good

  23. DaGamer500 says:

    @horselover84728 i am 13 and im doing it

  24. coyoteridesfast says:

    im 14 i was with an istructor doing it i was nervous my self i was making a
    6 min saftey stop im safe i whould never do it with someone other than an

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