Scuba Diving: Necessary Gear


In Portion three of our series on Scuba Diving, learns a lot more about the gear we will require to pick up in order to undertake this pastime, and we…
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SCUBA Equipment Set-up Demonstration

SCUBA Gear Gear Set-up Demonstration I am a PADI IDC Personnel Scuba Instructor. I can certify you in Open Water Diver to Assistant Instructor. Find out to div…
Video Rating: 4 / five

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45 Responses to “Scuba Diving: Necessary Gear”

  1. Dev Maharaj says:

    What about weight belt?

  2. Zachary Eckel says:

    Good video. Very informative for beginners 

  3. Damian Jones says:

    Great job. You have shared all the basic information that is required by
    scuba diving beginners. 

  4. please dive says:

    thats very good

  5. lgttb1 says:

    @N8Ryder when i took my diving lessons 36 years ago , we had to pass a dive
    physical , proof of a dental check up and pass an extensive swimming test
    in order to take the classes. our dive instructor made sure we were in top
    shape . we were told to never use the total amount of bottom time allowed
    on the tables because they were made for navy divers that were young and in
    top shape. i cannot believe that dive shops will certify everyone that pay
    to take the class.

  6. grimlund says:

    Yeah. It´s like a vest with a big air bladder. You fill the bladder via a
    hose from the regulator..

  7. iClark says:


  8. grimlund says:

    I love to dive…I am a bloody alcoholic. I have been drinking for about 8
    days now…Now I got 1 beer left to drink. One thing striked me…Go out an
    take a dive when you become clean…Then you have a reason to get
    sober…The water temperatures in the lakes this time of year up here in
    Sweden is really cold but I have been thinking: What the heck..Go out man.
    I can take on some clothes under my wetsuit. I have done it before and it
    workes…And I got all the gear…

  9. N8Ryder says:

    @lgttb1 Yup, weights are needed too. Table diving is easy but it doesn’t
    allow for the ups and downs you normally take. A square profile will result
    from table diving and with max depth on your SPG you may not be getting the
    full bottom time so a computer is preferable although not necessary.

  10. TheAppleChannel1 says:

    Bcd isn’t that buoyancy compensator device?

  11. River James says:

    You’re easily looking at $500-$1000 price range

  12. lgttb1 says:

    what about a few pounds of weights ? learn to do the math and you can live
    without the computer…

  13. Sargethepyromaniac says:

    If you wear clothes under a wetsuit you lose the effectiveness of the
    wetsuit, using bare skin is the most efficient way as it is just you and
    the insulating properties of the neoprene.

  14. grimlund says:

    I don´t know if thats true. I was out diving about a week ago. It was 9
    degrees celsius in the water. I had a 6,5 mm wetsuit and I had underwear
    made of wool under the suit. This is the second time I try this thing I
    think it work. I onle got a bit cold in my feet and my hands. I think that
    the underwear minimize the water flow under the suit. But I think that my
    suit is a bit big. I have lost weight over the years. The suit is size 48
    but I think I can have a 46.

  15. Great White7 says:

    check out leisurepro for your gear.

  16. MRR4YM4N says:

    How much would it roughly cost to get all this gear?

  17. Ilmari Lähde says:

    @lgttb1 Yes, but there is not much diving accidents by “holiday divers”. It
    is so many times skilled tek diver who have fatal accident. Sure
    recreational divers have those too but it is not that bad, otherwise it
    wouldn’t be so easy to get certification. And in the end we all have to
    take care of our own lives, and make decisions maybe to risk it for
    something you want to do in your life. I risk my life everyday for just
    driving my car and especially motorcycle. And for diving, hell yes.

  18. Great White7 says:

    Get a computer if nothing else and hire ur gear in foreign locations. Also
    a Gopro hero 3 black edition for all ur photo/videos.

  19. moose55goomba says:

    Weights. KNIFE? How could u forget

  20. Peskaa says:

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    get 5 pounds to start playing claim it here =>

  21. Damian Jones says:

    This is a highly recommended video as it makes you learn scuba diving
    lessons at the comfort of home. Keep sharing such stunning work.

  22. Van Williamson says:

    Nice video, very helpful. Thanks for posting.

  23. TH3JB0DD3N3RG0N says:

    Good job at making that statement at the end, and I mean it, be a S.A.F.E.

  24. Richard Brown says:

    First time in front of a camera for me no rehersal just asked my DM to
    start recording, next time I’ll add some comedy to it. Thanks for the
    comment. Rich

  25. Richard Brown says:

    Glad to hear you made it out safely!! Make sure your buddy does some checks
    before entry in the water. Also, that will be an added safety as well as a
    normal required process to insure safety. Thanks man! You take care and
    appreciate the comment.

  26. Richard Brown says:

    Glad to hear it man! that’s why I put it together. Thanks.!

  27. TOM HANNA says:

    Great video..I’m an instructor also and like to pick up tips from other
    pro’s. You are informative, clear in your directions, speak softly yet
    authoritatively, Man you know what you are doing!! Let’s Dive!!!

  28. opusx wharfrat says:

    Good video. Nice job! I also wet my staps first Tom.

  29. Riko Lopez says:

    4 Exercise performed correctly, and slowly enough to adequately exhibit or
    illustrate details of skill. There´s not fun in it, boring!

  30. Richard Brown says:

    Funny I’ve heard that recently, it use to be Tom Cruise, and Drew Brees.
    I’ll try to add some humor in the next video I make. Should put one
    together soon.

  31. codyjoemoody says:

    He looks like Steve carell

  32. Simolui herrera says:

    Richard I forgot to turn my air back all the way b4 going down 20metres
    dive… but as I couldn’t equalize my instructor took me to a 4 metres
    wreck and at one point I was without oxygen!!! so I keeped my cool and went
    up!!!! I wonder what would have happened if that occurred at 20 meters
    deep!!!!! thanks for this videos next time Im going to dive I check your
    video up to refresh!!!!! thanks buddy!!!

  33. walternyc says:

    Needed a refresher before my dive this summer, this came very handy. Thanks

  34. Richard Brown says:

    Thanks for your comment, I didn’t get into buddy checks where that is
    normally done, but yes MAKE SURE YOU TEST EQUIPMENT folks prior to entering

  35. Richard Brown says:

    Yeah, I do when I have the chance, usually my straps are still wet from
    previous Dives..LOL… but definately… wet them, or tighten them snug and
    have buddy check after walking down to dive entry point just before
    entering water. (obviously check at buddy check when finished suiting up as
    well). Thanks for your posting Tom. Take care. Rich

  36. Willubhave Three says:

    LOL…Smell the Roses 0:45 , other than that I am learning but it will be a
    long time till I ever scuba-Thanks for the video :)

  37. TOM HANNA says:

    Rich I have always taught my students to wet the straps to get a snugger
    tighter closure

  38. Richard Brown says:

    Great, glad you liked it, hoped you were able to bennefit from it prior to
    your dive. Richard

  39. TOM HANNA says:

    You make a SLOW and safe ascent to where you can equalize comfortably, have
    your buddy fully turn your air all the way on. If you still feel
    uncomfortable there is NO SHAME in aborting a dive!!!

  40. Blacktop Elnigre says:

    Rich – Thanks so much. New diver just starting out, and this is the easiest
    “no scare” approach to explaining to perspective divers how to connect your

  41. lgttb1 says:

    ? who trained you…#1 its common knowledge to wet the BC band before
    mounting it on the tank… #2 if you force the buckle closed on the BC you
    will crack the plastic back pack which will easily cost you around $100 to
    repair it. Street shoes are never allowed on a pool deck… what happened
    to the the tanks protective value cap, did some one steal it ?

  42. Richard Brown says:

    Yes, I do as well, thanks for the comment, I actually did this video on the
    fly with no rehearsal and my DM wanted to put it online, but yeah, when I
    teach my classes I alway’s mention that. Lot of things I could have
    mentioned and that is definately one of them. Take care..

  43. Richard Brown says:

    How was your trip to Egypt, sorry for the late response… Glad you found
    the video helpful, that was the purpose. To help availability of refresher
    information so divers don’t get hurt. Hope you had a safe dive and I would
    love to make it to Egypt some day!

  44. Richard Brown says:

    Thanks for your comment. This video is intended for those who need the
    common knowledge practice of setting up SCUBA equipment “at a dive site”.
    Keep learning and using safe diving practices. If you need a PADI manual,
    go to or your local dive shop and purchase one. Ask a local Scuba
    instructor for assistance if your cracking your back pack. That shouldn’t
    happen! I’ve been diving since 1992 with thousands of dives and “Never”
    have I, or my students ever cracked a back pack.

  45. Richard Brown says:

    another great day for underwater exploration!

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