How to Pack a SCUBA Gear Bag

For individuals folks who do not know how to effectively pack their gear, this is the video for you! I will outlline the most effective way to pack your bag as if you…

Overview of Today’s Scuba Gear.

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12 Responses to “How to Pack a SCUBA Gear Bag”

  1. jordan hall says:

    She probably has an integrated weight system 

  2. Terry Panlilio says:

    What about your weights?

  3. WCD73 says:

    I prefer open heel fins that I can wear with dive booties,I look forward to
    buying new dive gear soon!! any suggestions on a specific mask and fins? I
    look forward to getting certified to scuba dive this year!!

  4. NauiDiver91 says:

    lol are you hot from the wetsuit & no shit about the mask. Also when you
    were talking about the mask & fitting it. you dont breath at all there is
    no sucking in, any person that would be explaining that such as an employee
    at a dive shop would know that is commen sense. You just push the mask to
    your face take your hands away & pull off & see if it trys to pull out your
    eyes lol.

  5. Dawna Ishler says:

    I see you are from Tampa, I was certified by the Calypso Divers on Bearss
    Ave – they are pretty good, and they have all the gear you would need. And
    they will help you fit it properly. New divers should get acquainted with a
    dive shop – it’s great to have professional advice. happy diving! btw – I
    have aqualung mask and fins – and impulse snorkel- – deep see booties with
    a rugged bottom for rough terrain. I love them!

  6. lgttb1 says:

    buy US diver Rocket fins… I ve been using them for 40 years and they are
    great in all situations. I have tried many of the new ones and they are
    over priced let downs. the worst are split fins.

  7. 1234567jelly says:

    @dawnalisa77 don’t be fooled by the new “high teck” fins… the u.s. diver
    rocket fins are the best all round fin money can buy. i have used them for
    30 years and have tried many of the so called new and improved ones and
    they are not as good. the us navy still issues them

  8. lotrfrodo27 says:

    nice suit

  9. TONYBME says:

    thank you for this excellent video. It is the ONLY “you tube” video i have
    come across showing how a boot should fit in an open heel fin!!!

  10. Clark Drew says:

    Dawnalisa is cute,she can teach me to dive anytime!!

  11. NauiDiver91 says:

    if you have any questions on scuba just ask me. Some of the people posting
    videos always miss something. & if you are already certified then I can
    help you pick out the right gear.

  12. WCD73 says:

    I have lived in Tampa all my life,where do you currently live?nice talking
    to you!!

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